why shop with us?

we don't mean to be big headed but you really should shop with us... here's just a few reasons:

- Owned by head pga golf professional kegan jamieson

- kj golfs main priority is to "grow the game". a high percentage of the shop earnings goes back into junior /beginner academies and our junior golf tour

- we are a local business... you really will be helping a small team

- we  beat online prices. we won't lie to ya... its tough! but you help us and we will help you as much as possible

- we have big plans... the shop is just one part of our ever growing business. we will continue to expand and grow  the game for all. why? because golf isn't in an extremely healthy state and we want to make sure golf survives

- we respect loyalty. if you support us you will receive more discount codes, exclusive deals, more choice and more value in the near future

- we can get hold of most top brands! its not just what's on here.. just drop us a message

"You help us... we help you- simple"- Kegan Jamieson

Growing the game, step by step