Kegan has promoted Golphin clubs to his junior academy since day one. in 2017 the academy hit its highest numbers when following Golphins MyPathway2Golf programme. KJ Golf also started using their schools programmes in the surrounding area in 2019. Using Golphins clubs and pathway programmes were a huge part in the growth and development of the business.

Liam Sullivan, pga pro for golphin, met with kegan in 2020. This was just after Kegan took on the Shires Tours ownership- great timing! Kegan and Liam shared ideas about how the tour and programmes could help grow the game in the Midlands. what made things more exciting is the fact Golphin were starting their own tour in Scotland! This means there must be a Ryder Cup style format between the Shires and Golphin must be played.

Following their plans, Kegan and Liam have built a team of PGA Pros who are all doing great stuff for junior golf. These PGA Pros are proud Ambassadors for the Shires Tour and encourage their juniors to participate in the events. MP2G is used at all venues too, so they are all great places for any junior to get involved in the coaching!


Golphin are one of the main sponsors of the Shires Junior Golf Tour, offering prizes for the winners and various other awards such as most improved player, best etiquette, beat the pro and more.

You'll find lots of cool Golphin products at each event, including the famous Golphin dart board- as seen above! you'll be able to purchase fantastic Golphin and Shires merchandise very soon in the shop and at each event.

The Shires Tour will participate at some fantastic venues in Scotland thanks to Golphin. Some of our Midlands events will be qualifiers to have a place in some amazing tournaments merging with Golphin.